Supporting research initiatives aimed at treating, preventing and curing a diverse range of brain disorders.

Wholly Smokin’ Bar-B-Que Bash

An evening of Bluegrass, Bourbon and Bar-B-Que, supporting brain research and clinical trials.

Last year, under a beautiful star-lit canopy, good friends, great live music and fantastic food greeted a very generous crowd for our first annual fundraising event. We are so grateful for the support and interest shown to our family and our cause on that gorgeous May evening. We raised over $100,000, with more than 80% going directly to the Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation, all in support of their efforts to accelerate a cure. 


And this year, we expanded our efforts to support game-changing innovations being done by the research group at Emory Brain Health Center.  Emory is pushing the boundaries of brain health in ways that will fundamentally change how treatments are approached, medicines are delivered and surgery is navigated.  Their approach to research is creative, original and unique.  Elle’s Angels Atlanta is honored to provide philanthropy to support this talented team of innovators, under the direction of Dr. Daniel Barrow, Chairman of Neurosurgery.   

Many thanks to my amazing committee: Heather Allen, Allison Camp, Amanda Coleman, Genna Delmonte, Courtenay Gabriel, Amy Glahn, Suzanne Hough, Meredith Middleton, Kristin Thomas, Georgia Steed Vance and Caroline Wilbert for keeping our mission on task and throwing the best party in Buckhead!

From Event April 25, 2024

From Event May 12, 2022