Supporting research initiatives aimed at treating, preventing and curing a diverse range of brain disorders.

Jr. Board

Elleanor’s big sister Peach heads up the Jr. Board for Elle’s Angels Atlanta.  She has gathered friends across Atlanta to join in our effort to raise funds and awareness for brain disease, most especially, cerebrovascular angiomas.  As the reality of Elle’s more aggressive diagnosis sank in during the fall of 2021, Peach voiced specific ways to help with our new foundation.

Annual CHOA Donation Drive:

Each year the kids get together and orchestrate a collection & awareness drive, providing education on Elle’s rare disease, while collecting necessity items for donation to the hospital that has been so vital to Elleanor’s recovery.  Hundreds of “necessity bags” have been created and donated to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, providing basic-care items to the families and children in CHOA’s neuro ward and beyond. 

Bash Hosting:

The Jr. Board enjoys “book-ending” our annual Wholly Smokin’ Bar-B-Que Bash.  They greet guests, help with check-in, organize auction packages on site, entertain Elle, support check-out and hasten the clean-up process.   They are a joy to have around, and provide much amusement while everyone works hard to host a spectacular evening of fundraising. 

Elle's Jr. Board